Glasshouse Images Grace the Covers of Bestselling Novels Around the World

From the U.S. to Germany, these are five internationally bestselling novels that all feature images from Glasshouse contributors on their covers.


Kurt Arrigo Photography‘s sailboats grace the hardcover of Clyde Ford’s Whiskey Gulf

Published by Perseus Books Group


After a sailboat drifts into a “live-fire” naval exercise area known as Whiskey Gulf, it is never heard from again. Maritime private investigator Charlie Noble is asked to discover what happened to the couple aboard. Riveting with action and suspense and set in the stunning wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, Whiskey Gulf is a story about unlocking secrets from the past that some people would rather keep concealed.

An image from our distinguished Noll Images collection lays the foundation for the paperback cover of Graham Joyce‘s The Silent Land


When Jake and Zoe are buried under a flash avalanche while skiing in the French Pyrenees, they miraculously dig their way out from under the snow—only to discover the world they knew has been overtaken by an eerie and absolute silence. With no phones and the village evacuated, the young married couple begin to witness strange, unsettling events neither one can ignore. And as the days wear on, they are forced to confront frightening possibilities as they attempt to survive and escape the silent land they now inhabit.

The Washington Post calls The Silent Land “brave and ultimately heartbreaking… a classic in the making.”

A beautiful image from our own Kat Kiernan graces the cover of Mary Kay McComasSomething About Sophie



Answering a call that summons her to a stranger’s deathbed, a reluctant Sophie Shepard is too late to hear what he was so anxious to tell her. With the help of Dr. Drew McCarren, Sophie begins to dig into her past, setting off a chain of events that chills the quiet town of Clearfield, Virginia to its roots.

Something About Sophie is an unforgettable story about the power of love…and the things people will do, both right and wrong, to protect it.

This stunning image from Andrew Geiger traveled all the way to Germany to find a home on the cover of Martin Zoller‘s Die Kraft der Seelensprache



Translated from German: The Power of the Soul Language: Global Mediumship

In his new book Martin Zoller wants to inspire readers to interpret their own soul language better. He explains that every soul sends out signals to better perceive the unconscious and be prepared for life events. From experiences of his own daily work, Martin Zoller wants to show how mediumship and clairvoyance can be effectively used in everyday life.

This book can also be understood as a bridge between the physical world and the human subtle reality, between different continents and their values, and between different faiths across the globe.

Glasshouse photographer Blake Fitch is featured on the cover of German novel Dichter, Denker, Schulversager, written by Jörg Dräger 


Translated from German:  Poets, Thinkers, School Failures

Jörg Dräger argues that the modern German education system has failed due to its dependence on traditional values and ignorance to the illiteracy of many of its people. “One in five young people in Germany cannot read, write, or count… in no other industrial country in the academic success of a child is so dependent on origin and educational level of parents like us.” Through his book, Dräger emphasizes the dire need for educational reform and proposes viable ways in which to do so.


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