Ryan Schude Talks Them & Theirs Series

Ryan Schude - Them & Theirs

Zack Stratis and his 1976 Mercedes 300D. Glendale, California. August, 2013.

In what originally was a photo series about vanity license plates, Ryan Schude began making environmental portraits of different people and their cars, now called “Them & Theirs.”

Ryan typically photographs his friends, “but I also put notes on people’s cars I see parked asking them if they are willing to participate,” he said. “I get a fair amount of referrals as well.”

Ryan Schude - Them & Theirs

Forrest Kahlil Perrine and his 1983 Toyota Pickup. Downtown, Los Angeles. August, 2013. Mural and hand prop by Forrest.

“The idea with Forrest was to shoot him in front of the mural he had already painted of the hands,” Ryan said. “We thought it would be cool to have a 3D version as a prop and so he built that giant hand for the shoot.”

Ryan Schude - Them & Theirs

Jimmy Marble and his 1991 Jeep Cherokee. Elysian Valley, Los Angeles. March, 2013.

“Jimmy’s was based around a photo he showed me of a giant tarp hanging from a building that he thought would make a cool location. I liked the idea but the location wasn’t right and so I found a different spot I had been wanting to shoot for a long time and hung a tarp there instead,” Ryan said. “The triangle shape was sheerly a visual design at first but there is a nice coincidence that the keyboard shortcut Alt-J (for Jimmy) makes the same triangle shape.”

Know anyone in L.A. who has an interesting looking car? Send us a note and we’ll put you in touch with Ryan!

Photographer: Ryan Schude


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