Evan Kafka Shoots Corning Glass for Forbes


Evan Kafka was commissioned by Forbes to photograph Corning Inc., a 162-year-old company that has created glass for innovators including Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs.

“Corning introduced the new, tougher formulation this year as Gorilla Glass 3, the latest innovation in a product line that has gone from zero to $1 billion in the five years after the iPhone debuted” according to Forbes.


“It was a busy day, beginning with a really cool shot of process technicians pouring molten glass fresh out of a super hot furnace,” Evan said. “Followed by some still life shots of some molten glass moments after being poured into a mold, their non-glare glass, and Corning’s bendable Willow glass.”


Evan also photographed portraits of CEO Wendell Weeks and Dr. Jeffrey Evenson, SVP and Operations Chief of Staff.


Because of the successes of the iPhone and Gorilla Glass, Forbes writes, “Executives from just about every major consumer electronics company in the world have visited within the last 18 months.”

Photographer: Evan Kafka


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