Martin Adolfsson’s “Suburbia Gone Wild” Featured in Slate


Martin Adolfsson‘s project, “Suburbia Gone Wild,” was featured on Slate’s photo blog this month.

Born in Sweden and based in New York City, Adolfsson was inspired to begin the project during a flight from Stockholm to Bangkok, where he was attending a photography workshop. “I was stunned to spot a suburban sub development amidst the landscape outside of the city,” Adolfsson said about looking out the plane’s window during landing. “A workshop fixer was able to bring me back to that location, and in spite of the gates, I was allowed access without any question.”


The interiors of the Suburbia Gone Wild homes closely resemble carefully staged scenes from a department store catalog. “These model homes are made to be easily captured,” Adolfsson said. And despite their geographic diversity, the homes often share features: Approximations of Tuscan villas and Louis XIV splendor collide in a Hollywoodlike approximation of beauty run aground to cliché. “There is a lot of uncertainty as the global economy expands and cultural borders continue to dissolve. People seek out common experience and comfort, and perhaps these model homes reflect pop culture as a uniting common denominator,” Adolfsson said.



Photographer: Martin Adolfsson


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