Apple Talk With Zachary Maxwell Stertz – Dance and Entertainment Photography

Join us on September 4th at the Apple Store in Grand Central Terminal where Zachary Maxwell Stertz will be speaking at an Apple Talk. We are excited to once again collaborate with the Apple team who have hosted several of our artists in the past.

Zachary specializes in portraiture, music, and dance photography and has shot images for Carolina Ballet, Manhattan Theater Club, and the New York Times. He’s also created advertising for TV shows on HGTV, the History Channel, and more. Zachary will be discussing his work and share how he made a name for himself in the crowded world of photography. You can learn more at the event here and RSPV here.

September 4th
7:00 PM
Apple Store, Grand Central
45 Grand Central Terminal
New York, NY 10017



Zach Apple



For more information about any of the Glasshouse photographers or for portfolio requests, please contact:

Jamie Zimmermann

Associate Photo Rep, Glasshouse Assignment


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