Apple Talk with Liam Collins of Rubber Fish Art at Grand Central Terminal

Glass House Assignment Presents: Liam Collins  “The Craft of Creative Visual Realization”

Liam Collins is the Senior Creative Partner in Rubber Fish Art Inc., a Hi-End Retouching and CG Illustration studio established in 2001 in NYC. He has been honing his craft in NYC for thirty years, in that time, his retouched images have driven many award winning advertising campaigns, and have been seen in a national and global marketplace.

Liam will talk about his work, show examples, and share some insights into his creative process, his choices in software, and his reasons for those choices. Liam will also discuss techniques that facilitate a non-image deteriorating workflow and his use of 3D rendered images as components in the final photographic composition.

Liam’s talk will be of particular interest to photographers and CG artists of all levels, novice to expert.

Thursday October 2nd

7:00 PM

The Apple Store @ Grand Central Terminal


Artist: Rubber Fish Art


For more information about any of the Glasshouse photographers or for portfolio requests, please contact:

Jamie Zimmermann

Associate Photo Rep, Glasshouse Assignment


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