Loeffler Randall interviews Ryan Slack

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Favorite subject to shoot? Favorite place? My favorite things to shoot are beautiful women in cozy oversized sweaters. My favorite place to shoot is outside, near water, while the leaves are changing in fall.  

Top 3 tumblr accounts to stalk: 

David Jones TumblrSuch lovely poetry! I don’t consider myself a poetry fan but I found this guy’s blog a few months ago and his work gives me warm fuzzies. He has a book called “Love and Space Dust.” I would like to just put his poems under my photos as the caption. 

chillsnaps | I carry a point and shoot 35mm camera everywhere I go and I try to keep this updated. This is the style of photography that I started with nearly 15 years ago and I just love it! The snapshots are just so real and the film grain makes everything look magical! 

Daniel Everett Patrick | My friend Daniel is the most romantic photographer I know, and shoots so much! He develops his own film in coffee and Hi-C, he is a “black swan” photographer and sometimes, photographically speaking,  I wish I was as carefree as him. He shoots first and asks questions later, I love it.

Where do you find inspiration? Dazed and ID magazine are always spot on, they get young photographers that somehow manage to reinvent portraiture/fashion with blissful ignorance. 

I watched Kill Bill last night on TV. He (Quentin Tarantino) gets it! The color, the lighting, the composition… I was very inspired. Uma Thurman is so hot in that movie…..

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Most treasured photo you’ve ever taken and why? I have a polaroid of my parents that I took in on a large format camera. They have a really calm and supportive body language that definitely shows through the photo, gets me every time. It’s been pinned to my wall, real simple, for the last 10 years. 

We dig your post-shoot “team shots”…how did those start? The movie poster for The Breakfast Club is the archetypal group shot if you ask me. 

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I work with so many talented and creative people and it’s easy to remember who you have worked with on what by having a photo. In school, my idea of being a photographer was a dude with a camera “snapping pics.” In reality, with set stylists, hair, make-up, art direction, assistants, techs, and models, I am just a small part of a huge production. I think is cool to show the whole team!

On being photogenic: nature or nurture? You just have to own your look and not think about it too much once a camera is pointed at you. Don’t make a face that you wouldn’t make IRL (In Real Life). Big smiles are not necessary! 

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Go-to pose when you are being photographed?

If I’m sitting in a chair, I put my elbows on my knees and lean forward like I’m deep in an interesting conversation. 

If I’m sitting in the floor, I recline on my elbow and bend one knee, its a very leisurely look that works well every time!

I have terrible posture, so when I’m standing for a picture I just try to stand up straight. I don’t think about it, but I hold my hands in front of me. I look like I’m on the defense team for a soccer free kick. Its not a good look, I don’t recommend!

 George Clooney always tenses his lower eye lid for photos, a very serious look. I go for that sometimes too.

Ryan Slack / Glasshouse Assignment

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