Avrett Free Ginsberg & Purina Has Christina Gandolfo Catting Around.

No two cats are just alike and thanks to Purina’s Party Mix there’s a treat and flavor for every personality. This fun shoot for Averett Free Ginsberg and the Purina’s Party Mix campaign focused on three personality types: The Boss, The Joker and The Ninja Warrior. The “Boss Cat,” is a proud Orange Tabby with paws atop his favorite treats; the “Wacko Cat,” starring a hilarious Tuxedo cat clowning in an upside-down pose; and the “Ninja Cat,” an exotic Egyptian Mau competing for the Party Mix prize.

 Christina, who shares a home with her own unique team of four cats, was in her element working with these awesomely talented felines!

Trainers from Studio Animal Services in Castaic, CA.

Quixote Studio’s East-Side LA location in Griffith Park.

10514717-6NPFT-A Wacko.jpg10514717-6NPFT-A Ninja.indd10514717-6NPFT-A Boss.jpg

Behind the Scenes even the stand in was cute.


Artist: Christina Gandolfo


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