Bringing Life to the Still Life

Glasshouse Assignment photographers Bob Martus, Kang Kim, Spencer Jones, Daria Khoroahavina and Clinton Perry capture texture, color & form.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 1.27.43 PM

“I approach still-life as portraiture of objects. My lighting and compensational choices are designed to tell the story of that object.”   Bob Martus for Maison Birks & Oscar Heyman Studio. Feature image for Tumi 2016 Fall Collection


“In this image, I chose the stones to symbolize the very fundamental materials, how amazingly people have developed the complex watch_ modern civilization.
In return, the process and the achievement can imply the meaning of “time” itself which the watches express”  Kang Kim  for Galleria Magazine, Korea
 Creamy Eye Treatment

“Manufacturers attempt to censor and control our choices.  My work endeavors to release their grip by exposing the most beautiful hidden elements that are found endlessly on rows of store shelving.”  David Bishop for Kiehl’s Artfully Made


Ice Tea Pops

“I’m working with my wife, Shari Hershon of  Indigo Jones Eats on a cookbook project.  As the process has unfolded, I find myself transitioning from studio lighting to natural light. We have a bank of windows in our Manhattan kitchen that allows the warm light to pour in. It’s the ideal setting for getting the perfect shot.  Spencer Jones


“My compositions are based on beautiful randomness, which is achieved by carefully picking each piece and placing it in it’s special position.”  Daria Khoroshavina



“No matter what I am capturing in the studio, my goal is to encompass my subject with the proper algorithms of light and utilize the exact tools to make the resulting image and therefore subject look exquisite.”   Clinton Perry for interior designer Kristin Riccio, Green and Grey Designs and Restoration Hardware

Artists:  Bob Martus  Kang Kim  David Bishop  Spencer Jones  Daria Khoroshavina and Clinton Perry


For more information about any Glasshouse photographers or for portfolio requests, please contact:

Kari Anderson or Sandy Murray

Artist Representatives, Glasshouse Assignment



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