David Bishop Creates Alluring Photography for Artful Display.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 1.45.40 PMDavid Bishop’s dimensional photography continues to evolve in parallel with a strong influence of both baroque and contemporary fine art masters. His studies of 17th century Dutch masters has resulted in a modern lighting style created through the use of his unique optically fabricated lights. They are designed to separate highlight from shadow to produce beautiful hypnotic imagery with minimal post production work. He paints his backgrounds around the subject as a final painterly touch for a complex play of color, texture and depth.

Much of the work seen online are now printed as large dye sublimation metal prints. If you are not familiar with dye sublimation prints, they are a wonderful, new technology in which the photographic images are directly transferred into the aluminum.  David’s work is the perfect use of this new technology as the result is stunning with vibrant color and a unique dimensional quality.

“I have worked hard developing my interest in the power of light and the profound effects it has on our perceptions of time, dimension and tactile qualities. Over a lifetime of photography, I have evolved new lighting methods to pull dimensionality forward to create greater 3D effects and visual cues that develop our desire to touch and feel through sight.”  David Bishop

Artist:  David Bishop


For more information about any Glasshouse photographers or for portfolio requests, please contact:

Kari Anderson or Sandy Murray

Artist Representatives, Glasshouse Assignment

917-499-2155  kari@glasshouseassignment.com

919-576-5334 sandy@glasshouseimages@gmail.com

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