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Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 3.01.29 PMWho’s Who: Zachary Maxwell Stertz

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Born and raised in New York, Zachary loves the fast-paced world of photography and the opportunities it offers for creativity. Whether capturing images in motion, where every split-second counts, or creating a composition with just the right lighting and detail, Zachary believes collaboration is the key to delivering impactful images. When not behind the camera, you will find Zachary spending time with his family, surfing, skiing, or fishing.

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How you got into advertising?

I’ve always loved taking pictures and I realized early in my career that advertising is an incredibly creative field and provides the best opportunities for me to hone my craft. I love getting to know my clients and their products and then working together with them to learn more about their vision so I can use my skills to make it a reality.

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A run­‐down of the most recent campaign I worked on …

I just recently photographed the key art for a Manhattan Theater Club show called “Linda” starring Janie Dee. We were trying to achieve a portrait of a successful businesswoman looking out of her window and into the future. I believe we achieved the look the show was looking for.  

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I also just photographed Reed Birney for 2econd Stage Theatre’s “Man From Nebraska”. We had to shoot in the green room at 2econd Stage because Reed was rehearsing and had very limited time. My assistants and I were able to transform the small green room into a realistic airplane window seat. I like being flexible for my client, so when they asked if I minded creating a makeshift studio in the green room, I told them “bring it on”. 

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The best piece of creative work around at the moment is …

Letgo has some great TV spots that I’ve enjoyed watching. 

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The next big advertising trend is going to be …

Political undertones in normal advertising. Just look at the super bowl advertising this year. 

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The piece of advertising work I wish I had thought of is …

There are so many good ones. One ad campaign from a few years ago, which still sticks in my mind, is the campaign for Moms Demand Action. The photos were of two children, one holding an item that has been banned in the US such as a book and the other child is holding an assault rifle. I thought this advertisement visually captures the essence of the gun problem in this country. 

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My favourite digital tool/app at the moment …

Capture one is my favorite tool to deal with file management and color correction. 


In a film about my life, I’d like to be played by …

Bill Murray directed by Wes Anderson. The movie would make my life seem a lot more exciting and quirky than I think it actually is.    


A word or phrase I overuse …

“No worries”. I remember first hearing that phrase while traveling in Australia almost 15 years ago. I haven’t stopped using it since.  


My last social media update said …

It may have just been a hashtagged photo.   


My dream collaboration is …

It would be fun to work with Disney.


A piece of criticism I’ve received was …

I don’t post on social media enough. 


A great piece of advice I received …

Never stop shooting, from my Dad.


Twitter handle: @zacharystertz

Represented by Glasshouse Assignment

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