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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Face In The Shower

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Oh gawd, we’ve been doing this for so long…

We’ve got some news for you and it’s not the best because we’re about to tell you about one more thing you probably do wrong Every. Single. Day.

So, you know when you have a shower you put your face under the hot water (because if you shower with cold water WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?), yeah, apparently this is actually really bad for your skin. WA.

According to Charlotte Cho, a licensed aesthetician who founded of Soko Glam, one of the largest Korean beauty retailers in New York, it could be damaging your skin and it’s all because of the hot water.


Charlotte Cho spoke to Buzfeed and this is what she told them: ‘Hot water coming straight onto your face can strip away your natural oils and leave your skin barrier weak, vulnerable and cracked.’

So basically the nice hot shower you’ve been looking forward to all day could actually be behind you dry, easily irritated complexion. Yikes.

Tina Cho, beauty contributor at Soko Glam’s blok Klog, recommends cleansing your face before you hop in the shower. She double cleanses and moisturises with a facial oil, which also creates a protective barrier on the skin, preventing the moisture from evaporating.

‘Since I began cleansing and prepping my skin with oil, I’ve noticed that my face is significantly less dry after I shower, even if I accidentally had shampoo runoff on my face and had to rinse off with hot water in the shower,’ says Cho.

Soko Glam’s founder, however, doesn’t stick to this regime. She says you can wash your face before or after your shower, as long as you’re treating your skin gently.

Moral of the story – keep your face out of the shower as much as possible and only wash your face using warm water. You can thank us later.

By Kristina Ivanova


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