Stock Images; New Artist Lori Adams

We, at Glasshouse Images, are proud to introduce our latest artist, photographer Lori Adams. Lori offers images that capture the sometimes subtle, many times mysterious, always stunning qualities of nature: the tree, the pod, the vegetable, the flower, the root.  Lori lives and works in the beautiful Hudson River Valley and is an avid gardener. Searching for the perfect image that captures the beautiful objects found in the garden, the woods and beyond, search Lori Adams.

“I’ve always been inspired by botanical illustrations and paintings, and with my camera, I try to make sense of the visual world by taking three-dimensional objects and making them coherent and stimulating in two-dimensions.  My number one rule in photography is the light. It is always the light. If you ever think it is not the light, you are wrong. “– Lori Adams

About glasshouseimages

Creative Stock Photography Glasshouse Images is a boutique stock photo and representation agency that caters to a select group of creatives who are always on the lookout for exceptional and distinctive imagery.

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