THE 2020 SELF-QUARANTINING EXHIBITION By Aline Smithson April 1, 2020

Check out the latest project from Glasshouse stock contributor Aline Smithson.

©Kyle JeffersStay Inn, Toronto, Canada

Happy April Fool’s Day! Let me start off by saying a huge THANK YOU to the participating photographers from all over the globe, each of whom shared a little bit about themselves during this profound moment in history. There were hundreds and hundreds of submissions and as I uploaded each one, I thought about your life and world.  And though I corresponded only briefly with each of you, I was comforted by the connection to the greater whole as I have been in quarantine for almost three weeks. There are seven parts to this post so keep going until you get to the end. Pour yourself a big glass of wine or a big mug of coffee and enjoy the collected experience of The 2020 Lenscratch Self-Quarantining Exhibition…and share widely!  Be safe out there. See you on the other side.

– Aline Smithson

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