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Oxford American selects Alysia Macaulay’s image of sweet potato vine for their article “No Change”.

Artist bio:

Alysia Macaulay studied at the International Center of Photography during her years living and raising a family in New York City. Since moving back to her hometown of Boston in 2015, she has expanded her work to include mixed-media photographic collages.

While her series work tells stories, depicting the subtle, poignant moments that occur within her family life, particularly in times of great challenge, her mixed-media collage work has moved her focus away from representative storytelling to creating work that is more abstract and form based.

Alysia’s work has appeared in numerous solo and group shows, as well as, curated online exhibitions.

Alysia Macaulay is represented by LaiSun Keane Gallery in Boston.


Alysia’s Images on Glasshouse

Glasshouse Images

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