Lifestyles. So Rich, Not So Famous

Everyday life can be such a beautiful thing. No paparazzi, no movie star glamour, just everyday stuff. Sometimes you are a little too close to appreciate it. Living. Working. Playing. Our photographers catch thousands of rich moments that might be perfect for your next project. Need a lifestyle image with just the right lighting, angle or attitude, give us a call. We capture Lifestyles. So Rich, Not So Famous.


Search our collection or simply send us an email with your specific request to photos@glasshouseimages or give us a call at (646) 256-1999 and we’ll make sure your search is a top priority.

Also, check out our vintage collection, Circa Images.

Glasshouse Images is a boutique stock photo and representation agency that caters to creatives who are always on the look for exceptional and distinctive imagery.

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