You can never have Too Much Chocolate

One of my favorite places in the virtual photo world, Too Much Chocolate, has put together a grant just for all of you who still use film (gasp!). One of the very few film grants out there, this is a huge opportunity for those of you in need of some funds to finish your project and need some recognition once it is done. Check our submission guidelines and award info here.

Too Much Chocolate

Haven’t heard from TMC? Shame on you! Click right now and educate yourself on one of the most interesting forums happening right now within the photo community.

More on the contest via Too Much Chocolate:

“Too much chocolate is excited to partner with Kodak in offering its first-ever film grant program, with submissions opening September 1st, 2009. This grant will provide 10 non-represented photographers with the film needed to execute a new or ongoing personal project, to be completed during 2010. This partnership aims to recognize strong project ideas from talented and emerging photographers, allowing them to fully realize a body of work that may not have been achieved otherwise. At the start of 2011, the recipients’ final projects will be brought together and exhibited through a variety of online, magazine, and gallery showcases.”

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