Saul Robbins Included in Group Exhibition at MICA in Baltimore

Glasshouse Images‘ Stock contributor Saul Robbins was one of the eleven artists included in Baltimore’s MICA group exhibition. The group show titled “Under Cover” was held by the Exhibition Development Seminar class from January 27th to March 11th. Exploring the changing identity of privacy and what that entails. The group of students heightened the consciousness of the destruction of a barrier between public and private spaces. Leaving the viewer with thoughts that possibly the only private space we have left is the privacy of our deepest thoughts.


In Saul Robbins series “Initial Intake” he investigates the office surroundings of Manhattan-based psychotherapy professionals. From the vantage point of their clients, Saul Robbins guides us on focusing on the leather arm chairs, the environments in which they are placed and the vulnerabilities one exposes to a stranger in these surroundings. Saul Robbins states in his artist statement “I wish to reference the perceptions, associations and responses to this very private environment and the work that takes place here.” Check out more of Saul Robbins’ eye catching work and the press releases by CBS Baltimore and City Paper, Baltimore.



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