Photo of my day

Here is a photograph from a recent advertising campaign shot by our photographer Evan Kafka. Isn’t it gorgeous?! The shot was originally in color, but then Evan thought he’d try transferring it to black and white. Something about this man’s intense look and the way his face falls into his hand make this image completely magical for me. I’m enormously fortunate to represent photographers who inspire me and remind me what a powerful image can be… If you didn’t know before, now you all know why I love Evan so much! I realize photography is so subjective, but this is definitely the photo of my day.

So here is your teaser for a bigger, more complete post which will come around tomorrow. I’ll be posting more of our favorites from this campaign as well as the final layouts so you can see how the designer put it all together!

See Evan’s entire portfolio on our site here and on his site, and keep a look out for my post tomorrow!

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