Miha Matei on Design Sponge

Are you as obsessed with Design Sponge as the rest of the world? If you’ve been paying attention, they recently featured some of Miha Matei’s new interiors work!

This is the home of Nina Gotlieb, an architect who lives in upstate New York. I love how bright the home is, and how Nina’s able to make the space feel like a country home without getting to be too much like a log cabin. Miha does such a great job showing the feeling of the space while still emphasizing all the little adorable details. Enjoy!

Check out Miha’s work on her site and ours, as well as her blog here!

“The house is full of character and soul. One of my favorite things about the it is that it’s situated away from the main road, so unless you know that the house exists, you would never know that it was there. It’s like a hidden treasure.” – Miha Matei

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